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Outkast’s Phil Collins Connection

There are those who would dare sully the name of Phil Collins, ignorantly dismissing the accomplishments of this soon-to-be nobleman as mere easy-listening footnotes in a far too bland period in the history of pop music. To those people we say, “Where are your 8 Grammy awards? How many of your singles have reached #1 on the billboard singles chart?”  That’s what we thought.

We here at “One More Knight” are well aware that getting angry and spouting off Mr. Collins’ stellar record of  mainstream accolades might not be the best way to highlight his rather impressive street cred. We’d much rather blow your minds with evidence of Phil Collins influence on one of today’s most celebrated artists.

You may recall the 2003 video by genre-defying Hip-Hop/Pop/R&B act Outkast for their smash single “Hey Ya!” The promotional clip features Andre 3000 performing the song on an Ed Sullivan-type show portraying all the members of the band. As amazing and entertaining as this all seemed at the time, there was something eerily familiar about the video.  Something in our minds told us that we’d seen this all before.

Then the answer hit us, like a ton of bricks. “Two Hearts!” The video for Phil’s original Oscar-nominated song for the soundtrack to the movie Buster used a nearly identical device as Phil masqueraded as every single member of The Four-Pound Notes.

We here at “One More Knight” have always maintained (in our short period of existence) that in order to  serve the Kingdom of Britain with nobility, one must not rely solely on accomplishments of the past, but one must also display an  ability to influence the present crop of impressionable youth.  Outkast’s imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery, but a clear indication that Phil Collins’ prior artistic choices have left an indelible impression on the musical youth of today.  If that’s not grounds to grant respect to an elder statesman of the pop music game by endowing him with Knighthood, then pray tell, what is?

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