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Sir Phil Collins of the Round Table

Amongst the many esteemed bearers of the rank of Knight in the history of British Empire, perhaps none were more heralded  than those who had both the honour and pleasure of being a part of King Arthur’s round table way back in the medieval times. Though the stated goal of our site is to ultimately get Phil Collins recognized by current royalty as being worthy of  Knighthood, sometimes we like to imagine our favorite Genesis front-man in a bit of a historical time warp, bringing his unique blend of nobility to a time that could’ve sorely used both his ability to pound the skins and sing a heart-felt tune.

Those who served the Arthur King of the Britons in the time of Camelot were no doubt battle-tested bastions of valorous duty.  but as they spent their time defending their land from all sorts of invaders and brutalizing those who might stand in their way of finding the Holy Grail,we can’t help but think things would be a heck of a lot different if Sir Phil was seated placidly between Sir Percival and Sir Safir.

If you’re having trouble imagining Phil in the middle ages, we recommend picturing a Dio video, but instead of the weird looking long-haired guy who only stands about 4’11” brandishing a broadsword, you’d have Phil Collins taking it easy and serenading the hell out of some princesses while strumming his lute.  And that whole search for the “holy grail” thing?  Forget about it.  Sir Phil of Collins would have all the grails the Knights would ever need in the form of his 8 Grammy Awards.

"Did you say Grammy or Grail?"

Sure there would probably be the odd altercation where our chain mail-clad hero would have to defend the honour of a fair maiden, but we’re more than confident with his snare-smacking skills that he could hold his own with a sword and mace.

So, we guess the only question remaining is, now that you’ve pictured Phil Collins as a knight of the round table, is it really that hard to imagine him being knighted in a time where Britain is far less demanding of its nobility? We didn’t think so.

Readers, we implore you to do your part and help spread  word of our quest.  Together we can GET PHIL COLLINS KNIGHTED, but divided we fail.

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