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The Genesis of Legend

While honors such as Knighthood and being elected as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom continue to  evade the dear object of this site’s affection, it would be quite the falsehood to state that our  our silken-throated protagonist has gone without recognition for his talents throughout the span of his lengthy career.

Along with his Genesis bandmates (Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Chester Thompson, and Daryl Stuermer) Phil received the music industry’s equivalent of Knightly appreciation otherwise known as induction into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame at a star-studded affair this past March 15th.

Traditionally, artists as influential as Genesis are ushered into rock legend status with rousing speeches from fellow former inductees or sure-fire future inhabitants of  this bastion of musical greatness.  So we were somewhat annoyed when  the lead singer of Tokey McJoints and the Splifftones (i.e. Phish) was announced as the person who would be spearheading this all- important moment in musical history.  We’d much rather have seen Phil Collins induct the band himself or maybe a big time Hollywood star like Tom Hanks or even the Queen of England should’ve done the honors.

Sure we’ll admit Tokey gave a nice speech, but it didn’t carry with it the weight of someone whose entire catalog doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of making LSD trips slightly trippier.  We know some of Genesis’s most stellar material can often be transcendental in that sense, but when it came down to the tribute performance, we would’ve rather just seen a live clip of “Second Home By The Sea” from their 2007 Turn It On Again tour over the Splifftones’ rendition of “No Reply At All.”  While we may not have loved this exultation of influence, we’re glad to see someone did, as evidenced by the sound of bong hits being ripped in the background of the following clip.

Oh well, we guess we can’t complain. The important thing is that Phil and his buddies have taken their rightful place in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame amongst plenty of all-time greats and The Eagles.

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