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Montreux Monsters of Rock

We at “One More Knight” were delighted by this morning’s announcement that the soon-to-be Sir Phil Collins would be taking the stage at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland along with fellow virtuosic music acts Roxy Music and Massive Attack. This was good news for several reasons:

One, the venue is more than likely a short, utterly convenient automobile drive from Mr. Collins undoubtedly posh Suisse Chalet; Two, the inclusion of Roxy Music on the bill means a more than likely meeting between Phil and his old friend Brian Eno, whom he played percussion for on several highly influential albums.

While we can’t make it to the festival unless by some freak occurrence some wealthy benefactor pays for our trip (hint) to that picturesque den of neutrality at the foot of The Alps, the naive influence of wishful thinking leads us to imagine a scenario in which Phil will be miraculously healed from surgery on his dislocated vertebra and limber enough to join Mr. Eno on drums to play a live version of Another Green World in its entirety.

Unfortunately due to the fact that Mr. Collins is a true noble and has suffered for his art, this probably won’t happen as  Phil’s injury has left him not so hot on drumming these days.  We can at least hope that Mr. Eno and our Knight in shining vocal timbre strike up a conversation about working together on a new album so mind-bendingly awesome that it changes our perception of music as we know it, ultimately forcing the Queen to bestow Knightship upon him.

We’re crossing our fingers for everything to pan out as stated above.  Really though, any Phil Collins news is good news, but news of Knighthood is even better.  We look forward to all of the glowing reports of this July performance and hope Her Majesty the Queen secures her tickets soon.

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