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Phil Release

We here at “One More Knight” are big fans of being on the receiving end of any form of aural pleasure, but if that sonic satisfaction just so happens to be doled out by one Phil Collins, then all the better. If you’ve read this site in the past and you’ve  got memory enough to go back two days, you may remember that we were boasting of a delightful and FREE PHIL COLLINS tune from his latest album Going Back (due Sept. 10th), made available by simply signing up for email updates on his site.

While we’re completely satisfied with having one catchy Collins cover classic bouncing around in our head, you’ll hardly ever find us disagreeing with the statement that two is better than one (unless you’re in that cliched sitcom situation where you’ve scheduled two dates on the same night).   That’s why we were delighted to find that in addition to the song offered with email updates, Phil was offering a free listen to his first single off of his new album.  All we had to do was click on the button in the upper right hand corner of his site that looked this:

Needless to say, we did as commanded and had quite an enjoyable time going back to the times with Phil to those days when he was “young enough to know the truth.” However we disagree with the song’s notion that there are “no more trees to climb” since we look at our quest to get Phil Collins Knighted as an obstacle that may as well be a tree for our intents and purposes…and only when we manage to achieve our goal by proving the nobility of Sir Phil Collins will we have climbed that metaphorical tree .

Phil has certainly given us plenty of great evidence to support our claims.  If giving away two songs off  his upcoming album isn’t an act of charity worthy of the most valiant Knight, then pray tell what is?


Phil Collins Pop Quiz Hotshot

May 25, 2010 5 comments

We came across this gem of a game show from 1981 in which our man Phil Collins tests his musical knowledge against the likes of Sir David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Sir Midge Ure (Thin Lizzy, Ultravox), and Ian Gillan with the help of relative unknowns (at least by today’s standards) Barry Mason and Elkie Brooks.  In the first clip Phil stumbles with identifying the names of specific dances, but he justified that by titling an entire Genesis album, “We Can’t Dance.”

The second clip provides us with an impressive peek at Phil’s encyclopedic knowledge of  The Yardbirds top ten hits.  Since we’ve always been of the mind that knowledge is power, perhaps that level of scholarship in regards to a stalwart of British musical influence shouldn’t go without powerful reward. We could justify asking for Phil’s Knighthood solely on the outcome of the game show, but since we couldn’t find footage of the final outcome we couldn’t say whether Phil and his co-horts actually bested the team with 2 Sirs…but I think we can happily assume that Phil pulled out all of the stops to ensure a victory and having thus bested two knights on the field of intellectual battle is every bit as deserving of such an honour.

We only hope the office of the Prime Minister has seen said clip.  And if they haven’t we expect our massive throng of readers to make them aware of it by tweeting this post to them.

We thank you for your time faithful friends for helping us in the good fight to GET PHIL COLLINS KNIGHTED.

Free Phil Collins!

Odds are if you were drawn in by the title to this post, it was because you thought Phil Collins had been falsely accused and wrongly locked away for crimes he committed in the movie Buster and that he currently lay rotting in a London maximum security dock that the government conveniently lost the key to.  You also probably assumed that the only way Phil would ever be set free was through a public outpouring of support resulting in a retrial and a subsequent overturning of said wrongful conviction. In which case, you were right to come to this site and you’d have been even more right to join our Facebook group.

Another option as to where you mind may have wandered, was that you believed the meaning of the title “Free Phil Collins!” to have been a proclamation that we at “One More Knight” were giving away a free Phil Collins to each one of our readers.  This free Phil Collins would come to your house and serenade you with lovely songs and teach you delightful tidbits about the Alamo, and maybe even give you drum lessons; filling both a much needed entertainment and educational niche in your day to day existence.  While that sounds great, it’s important to note that there is one Phil Collins and he can only be in one place at a time unless there are two Live Aid concerts going on.

In actuality, the title of this post refers to a giveaway at Phil Collins official site.  We signed up for email updates to stay up to speed on Phil’s whereabouts and goings on.  If knowing all of the P.C. news before anyone else wasn’t enough, we got a FREE PHIL COLLINS SONG off his upcoming album Going Back for all of the effort it took to type in our email address. Needless to say, we’ve been bopping our head up and down to Phil’s Cover of The Marvelettes classic “Too Many Fish in The Sea” all day and we fully recommend you sign up so that you can do the same.

Going Back in Stores September 10th

However, if you’re generally disappointed that you won’t be able to summon all of your love and support towards getting Phil out of actual prison, we kindly consider that you still help us in directing all (or at least some) of your energy towards helping Phil escape the metaphorical holding cell that is non-Knighthood.  Again, join our Facebook page and help us complete the transformation from a mild-mannered frontman/pop icon/drummer/actor into Sir Phil Collins.

Phil Collins’ Trench Run

It takes a special kind of nerd to even have the inkling to sync up a Star Wars video with their favorite music in the hopes that the entirety of YouTube finds it compelling and genius enough to make it go viral.  Then again, it takes a special kind of nerd to start a movement aimed at getting their favorite British singer/actor/percussive genius knighted in the hopes that the entirety of the web-browsing public finds it compelling enough to join in and help make history.  Needless to say, we can identify with the person who made this video of “In The Air Tonight” synced up to the famed “Trench Run” in the original Star Wars film.

That being said, it’s a nice try, but it doesn’t exactly inspire us to new heights due to the fact that the action doesn’t really sync up in any special way, shape or form.  X-Wing Fighters explosions are devoid of punishing drum beats and a few sound-ups on the action would’ve been nice.  Not to be nitpicky, but if we were going to sync up anything in the film with a Phil Collins song we’d probably use “One More Night” to sync up with the “grand ceremony” scene at the end.  As both Han and Luke receive their medals it would subliminally plant the notion into the minds of viewers that Phil Collins deserves to be honored for all of his valiant musical efforts and that perhaps the only suitable honor is Knighthood.  So, if you’re paying attention Star Wars-Phil Collins sync’er-upper, you have your mission, now go forth.  Maybe we’ll even bestow you with our site’s highest honor…though we haven’t really figured out what that is yet.

Phil Remembers the Alamo

One of the things you’ll discover if you do some research on Phil Collins is that the man has a deep abiding respect for history.  We here at “One More Knight” can relate. We ourselves have read countless books on the storied Presidential term of William Henry Harrison, and even more volumes on the historic musical career of the band, Genesis.

That being said, we don’t think we’re into anything quite as much as Phil Collins is into the Alamo. Sure we’re into Phil enough to try and get him Knighted, but the esteemed Genesis member and solo artist may have what amounts to the largest collection of Alamo memorabilia in the world with documents, cannonballs and other artifacts numbering in the hundreds. On top of working a mention into his video for “Don’t Lose My Number,” he’s even lent his voice to the introduction of a 13-minute “Alamo diorama light and sound show” at the Alamo’s gift shop. Word has it, Ozzy Osbourne took a tinkle on the famed San Antonio site just to piss Phil off.

We can see why Mr. Collins is so into the Alamo.  After all the 1836 battle is chock full of wonderful drama and valiant heroes.  Perhaps those things also have something to do with why we’re so into the idea of getting Phil Collins Knighted.  Not only does his music inspire us to wonderfully dramatic new heights, but his vocal range is utterly valiant.

In a way, our struggle is a lot like the Battle of the Alamo. We’re facing an uphill battle against all odds against a cruel Santa Anna-like British government who is stubbornly defiant in giving Phil Collins the noble recognition he so deserves. Though we appear to have our spirits crushed on a daily basis, we figure that taking this stand is an important step in getting the people of the world to join our metaphorical Texian Army to ultimately achieve our goal of adding the titular “Sir” to the front of the name of our favorite singer/drummer/historical artifact collector. We sense the tide is turning in our favor.

We ask you world, will you fight with us?

Phil Collins vs. The Cadbury Gorilla

Just under three years ago, Cadbury scored a monster advertising hit with this commercial depicting a Gorilla emotionally drumming along to Phil Collins’ classic 1985 single, “In The Air Tonight.”

While we admit the choice of soundtrack music was spot on and the direction fantastic, we find the general inclination of the piece to be a tad bit insulting to the musical gift that Phil Collins spent years honing to perfection.  The commercial suggests that the mere emotion of the song would fill the Gorilla in question with enough angst and subsequent skill to hammer out the rather impressive drum-work that the ever-so talented Mr. Collins so expertly laid down in a recording session that may or may have not required hours of tinkering and toil in the studio. To have this Gorilla appear to perform at such a high level is to make the statement that what Phil Collins is capable of is nothing special, because a mere primate can easily ape his actions. Or to put it another way; anything Phil can do a monkey is capable of carrying out  an equal or greater value version of that very same thing.

Well, we here at “One More Knight” scoff at that notion. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not averse to thinking there are some very talented apes out there who can sign the crap out of the sentence “I feel sleepy” to some scientists in a lab, but when it comes to slapping the skins with the vim and vigor of mega-talented musician such as  Phil then there’s simply no contest. We assume you’d also like to tell us that a baboon would have done better harmonizing with Philip Bailey on “Easy Lover” and that you know a chimpanzee that penned a more heart-wrenching song than “Against All Odds.” We highly doubt that. And while you may think your commercial monkey might have the talent of a Phil Collins, there’s one thing your Cadbury Gorilla will never have and that’s the honour of being named a Knight of the British Empire. Suck on that egg, Cadbury.

Not Phil Collins Good

There are certain qualitative and quantitative measuring sticks for greatness. Rolling Stone Magazine and most music magazines for that matter use an antiquated star  (or record) system to tell you that the latest John Mayer album somehow qualifies as listenable (3 stars) or that the new Vampire Weekend is the next classic rock record despite the fact that it only appeals to people wearing skinny jeans and ironically pretending to count Kenny G as a musical influence. The point is, while star rating systems are all well and good to those who want some sort of arbitrary scale wholly detached from reality of the fact that anything we react to as viscerally as music or even the food at restaurants cannot be rated by something as innocuous as stars, forks, or film reels; we here at “One More Knight” know that there is a better way to measure the pure greatness of almost anything.

It wasn’t until the past week that we were made aware of this ingenious way of determining the prominence of particular societal contributions from caffeinated water to Wedding DJ youtube videos, but you might say it was in the air all along.  Thanks to a great new site, we are now aware that there is only Phil Collins good and good, but not Phil Collins good.

If we were to use this rating system to rate the state of the world right now, we’d say the current state of the world is good, but not Phil Collins good. After all there’s that horrible oil spill in the gulf, the American State of Arizona seems generally ridiculous, and Phil Collins has yet to be knighted. Only one of those things has to be fixed for a ratings upgrade. Can you guess which one?

In any case we wholeheartedly recommend a visit to this great site and also that the office of the Prime Minister see fit to announce impending Knighthood for soon-t0-be Sir Phil Collins.  Other than that, have a happy Monday. We hope it’s Phil Collins good.

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