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Had His Phil?

There was some distressing news on the Phil Collins front this morning.  We here at “One More Knight” caught wind of an excerpt from a recent Rolling Stone interview in which our noble hero threatened to stop putting out albums and retire from the public eye if he continues to be bashed by critics. While we have an undying affection for Mr. Collins as evidenced solely by the existence of this blog, we have to take issue with this statement.

We understand critics have the power to make or break a release by the very nature of their reviews, but to threaten to quit over a bunch of nit picky music writers whose job title literally means “one who criticizes” is absurd.  The job of the critic is to find fault in even some of the most sublime recordings.  Sure there are a few that inexplicably boost the egos of rock stars by continually lauding bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers well past their prime, but the last time we checked music was not made for the critical acclaim.  Music belongs to the artists and the fans and all of the David Frickes and Robert Christgaus in the world will never change that.

While we can imagine the peace, quiet and joy one might derive from making music in one’s basement for oneself, the fans would ultimately be hurt by the amount of musical genius they miss out on when that genius is not shared. So while we respect your desire to no longer put on your thick skin every morning when you go out to get the paper, you should let your large, loyal fan base serve as a protective shield or extra dermal layer against harsh, unfounded opinions of your would-be detractors.  You keep making music and we’ll keep listening and we’ll keep pushing for that Knighthood thing.  You deserve it.

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