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Cinco de Mayo Phil Collins-Style

We here at “One More Knight” would like to wish our Mexican readers a Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Now we could take this opportunity to regale you with some nonsensical story about how, if Phil Collins were at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, he would have nobly fought on the side of Mexico to defeat French forces and that that alone should qualify him for Knighthood.  However, we know that’s all a load of bullcrap.  Honestly, we really just wanted to use the special occasion that is this holiday as an excuse to post this picture of Phil below:

In any case, if you’re celebrating this Cinco de Mayo today have a great time.  And if you come across any vexing quandaries as to how you should proceed with the day’s merriment, just ask yourself W.W.P.C.D?

(Update: We realized it would’ve been a missed opportunity to declare solidarity with all of our fellow Phil Collins fans of Latino descent in Arizona.  Here’s to you, whether you’re of legal or illegal status. Cause it’s no fun being an illegal alien.)

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