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When you’re a world class songwriter with a catalog of  lyrics as memorable as most people’s first kiss, it’s a safe bet that recognition is not a difficult thing to come by. Though the British Royal Family continues to snub Phil Collins on his ever-so-deserved Knightly commendation there are any number of organizations willing to bestow meaningful honour upon Britain’s answer to a Bob Dylan/Stewart Copeland hybrid.

The latest of those lining up to fete Phil is the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Sure, Mr. Collins has been a member of this Hall of Fame since his induction in 2003, but the board of this important institution apparently sees this as no reason to not continue showering our noble hero with much-deserved praise.

On June 17th at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, Phil Collins will be the awarded the Songwriter Hall of Fame’s highest accolade , The Johnny Mercer Award, and with good reason. In the words of Hall of Fame CEO/Chairman Hall David, ” he is among the most respected musical creators of our generation…”

That being said, we find it hard to believe that someone who is considered one of the most respected creators in his own field can fail to garner such esteemed recognition from his own homeland.  Sure he’s got a place in both the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and come June 17th will be paraded around on the shoulders of Songwriters everywhere, but in his very own England carries the mid-range title of LVO and can’t even muster enough respect from to be referred “Sir.”  We think you should take a cue from the actions of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and give Phil the highest accolade possible, Knighthood.

Well, British Royal Family,  the ball is in your court.   Are you going to let the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame one up a mighty nation in recognizing one of its proud sons? We should hope not, because failure to honor such a chivalrous individual would be a Kingdom-wide travesty.  To help avoid such a tragic event, we’ll be hounding you every step of the way til you finally come to your senses.

To paraphrase the chorus of one of our favorite Phil Collins songs (“Something Happened on the Way to Heaven“); “You can run and you can  hide, but we’re not stopping until you Knight Phil. We’re having problems and can’t be on your side, until you finally Knight Phil Collins.”

We hope you sung along by clicking on the link to that video.  If not, well you really missed a shot to sync up altered lyrics to an actual song. Regardless, we hope our message was loud and clear as the sentiment in that song.

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