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Get Phil Colllins Knighted E-mail Campaign

Dear Faithful Readers of One More Knight,

Now entering our fourth full week of existence, we’ve yet to garner the sort of response and reaction to this web campaign that would allow it to qualify as “viral.” To be honest, we thought the mere mention of getting Phil Collins Knighted in a simple Facebook group would ignite the Internet like a cigarette haphazardly tossed into some dry brush in the American West.

The reality of this whole “going viral” thing is that while some content on the Internet heats up in such a manner, most of the  content produced for the world wide web is more akin to a loud, incoherent message shouted into a space-like vacuum. Needless to say, we were a bit naive about the effects of metaphorically screaming our lungs out into that atmosphere-less abyss and our advances have mostly fallen on deaf ears like those of someone who has spent a good amount of time sitting a little too close to the kit during one of  Phil Collins’ killer drum duets with Chester Thompson.

Rather than hang our heads in shame and call ourselves a failure; we’ve founds ourselves coming down with a case of indefatigable moxie and boy do we hope it’s contagious. In order to better channel our vigorous resolve to accomplish, we’ve decided that today would be a good idea to launch the official One More Knight “Get Phil Collins Knighted” E-Mail campaign.

We’re encouraging all of our readers to spread the word by sending email blasts to your favorite blogs, respected newspapers, ,music periodicals and Monarchs (who can also be reached on twitter).  Let them know that you’d like to see Phil Collins Knighted, because only when you let your voice be heard do you really have the right to complain that the singer of “In The Air Tonight” has not yet become a Knight.

We’re going to get the ball rolling by reaching out to the Queen herself with our original post. So go forth and tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends that together we will get Phil Collins Knighted!

Thank you for your support.


The Blokes Behind “One More Knight.”

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