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The Stage Is Set

Don’t be fooled by the title of our blog post, one day of our official e-mail campaign to get Phil Collins Knighted hasn’t yet begun to yield positive results.  That’s okay, we’re in for the long haul and we’re of the mind that slow and steady wins the race.

You may however recall that last week we mentioned the massive UK confusion over the General election. There were those who used Phil Collins as a deterrent to voting Tory assuming that the masses of Britons would recoil at the mention of the talented singer/songwriter/writer; advertising that a vote for the conservatives was a vote for a return of the Sussudio singer after a self-imposed 13 year exile in Switzerland brought on by Labour Party rule.

Phil Contemplates His UK Return

Well, after 13 years of John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and a charmed Swiss existence for Phil; the Labour party has fallen out of power after last week’s general election resulted in a hung parliament. Though the Tories garnered the most seats of any other party, they didn’t win enough seats to gain a majority and the power to pick a leader. This left Phil Collins status as a returning resident of the UK in limbo even though we may have assumed his return was imminent.  While Phil hasn’t made a declaration as to his citizenship status, today was an historic day as Tory Leader David Cameron was officially invited by the Queen to form a new government.

David Cameron: A Pawn in the Queen's Attempt Make Phil a Knight?

With the Queen’s invitation to the leader of the Conservative party to take power over the affairs of the United Kingdom, we can only assume that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II purposely put such an offer into play in order to ensure that the stage  was set for the return of Mr. Collins so that she may select him to receive the great honour due him; the honour of Knighthood.  So in order to entreat Mr. Collins to return to his rightful place in this world to receive that which he so truly deserves, we remind him of some great words he once uttered…”Take…Take me home.”

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