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Not Phil Collins Good

There are certain qualitative and quantitative measuring sticks for greatness. Rolling Stone Magazine and most music magazines for that matter use an antiquated star  (or record) system to tell you that the latest John Mayer album somehow qualifies as listenable (3 stars) or that the new Vampire Weekend is the next classic rock record despite the fact that it only appeals to people wearing skinny jeans and ironically pretending to count Kenny G as a musical influence. The point is, while star rating systems are all well and good to those who want some sort of arbitrary scale wholly detached from reality of the fact that anything we react to as viscerally as music or even the food at restaurants cannot be rated by something as innocuous as stars, forks, or film reels; we here at “One More Knight” know that there is a better way to measure the pure greatness of almost anything.

It wasn’t until the past week that we were made aware of this ingenious way of determining the prominence of particular societal contributions from caffeinated water to Wedding DJ youtube videos, but you might say it was in the air all along.  Thanks to a great new site, we are now aware that there is only Phil Collins good and good, but not Phil Collins good.

If we were to use this rating system to rate the state of the world right now, we’d say the current state of the world is good, but not Phil Collins good. After all there’s that horrible oil spill in the gulf, the American State of Arizona seems generally ridiculous, and Phil Collins has yet to be knighted. Only one of those things has to be fixed for a ratings upgrade. Can you guess which one?

In any case we wholeheartedly recommend a visit to this great site and also that the office of the Prime Minister see fit to announce impending Knighthood for soon-t0-be Sir Phil Collins.  Other than that, have a happy Monday. We hope it’s Phil Collins good.

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