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Phil Remembers the Alamo

One of the things you’ll discover if you do some research on Phil Collins is that the man has a deep abiding respect for history.  We here at “One More Knight” can relate. We ourselves have read countless books on the storied Presidential term of William Henry Harrison, and even more volumes on the historic musical career of the band, Genesis.

That being said, we don’t think we’re into anything quite as much as Phil Collins is into the Alamo. Sure we’re into Phil enough to try and get him Knighted, but the esteemed Genesis member and solo artist may have what amounts to the largest collection of Alamo memorabilia in the world with documents, cannonballs and other artifacts numbering in the hundreds. On top of working a mention into his video for “Don’t Lose My Number,” he’s even lent his voice to the introduction of a 13-minute “Alamo diorama light and sound show” at the Alamo’s gift shop. Word has it, Ozzy Osbourne took a tinkle on the famed San Antonio site just to piss Phil off.

We can see why Mr. Collins is so into the Alamo.  After all the 1836 battle is chock full of wonderful drama and valiant heroes.  Perhaps those things also have something to do with why we’re so into the idea of getting Phil Collins Knighted.  Not only does his music inspire us to wonderfully dramatic new heights, but his vocal range is utterly valiant.

In a way, our struggle is a lot like the Battle of the Alamo. We’re facing an uphill battle against all odds against a cruel Santa Anna-like British government who is stubbornly defiant in giving Phil Collins the noble recognition he so deserves. Though we appear to have our spirits crushed on a daily basis, we figure that taking this stand is an important step in getting the people of the world to join our metaphorical Texian Army to ultimately achieve our goal of adding the titular “Sir” to the front of the name of our favorite singer/drummer/historical artifact collector. We sense the tide is turning in our favor.

We ask you world, will you fight with us?

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