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Phil Release

We here at “One More Knight” are big fans of being on the receiving end of any form of aural pleasure, but if that sonic satisfaction just so happens to be doled out by one Phil Collins, then all the better. If you’ve read this site in the past and you’ve  got memory enough to go back two days, you may remember that we were boasting of a delightful and FREE PHIL COLLINS tune from his latest album Going Back (due Sept. 10th), made available by simply signing up for email updates on his site.

While we’re completely satisfied with having one catchy Collins cover classic bouncing around in our head, you’ll hardly ever find us disagreeing with the statement that two is better than one (unless you’re in that cliched sitcom situation where you’ve scheduled two dates on the same night).   That’s why we were delighted to find that in addition to the song offered with email updates, Phil was offering a free listen to his first single off of his new album.  All we had to do was click on the button in the upper right hand corner of his site that looked this:

Needless to say, we did as commanded and had quite an enjoyable time going back to the times with Phil to those days when he was “young enough to know the truth.” However we disagree with the song’s notion that there are “no more trees to climb” since we look at our quest to get Phil Collins Knighted as an obstacle that may as well be a tree for our intents and purposes…and only when we manage to achieve our goal by proving the nobility of Sir Phil Collins will we have climbed that metaphorical tree .

Phil has certainly given us plenty of great evidence to support our claims.  If giving away two songs off  his upcoming album isn’t an act of charity worthy of the most valiant Knight, then pray tell what is?

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