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Mexican Gangs Love Phil Collins

We here at “One More Knight” realise the importance of keeping up the full court press when you have a goal as important  as getting Phil Collins Knighted, but all work and no play doth make Phil Collins fans dull boys and girls.  So being here in America, we on occasion do “as the Romans  do” (there’s a Rome in NY) and take a Holiday on days of note.  So we apologise for our absence over the Memorial Day weekend, but we’re not that sorry. We need to groove out to “I Cannot Believe Its True” and soak up the summer sun every once in awhile while keeping our distance from the world wide web.

That being said, it was an eventful weekend in the world of music and knighthood.  One of the most esteemed Knights of the musically talented table got into a bit of an incident down in old Mexico.  It seems Sir Paul McCartney had his tour bus attacked by a Mexican gang while rolling through Mexico City. Apparently they weren’t big fans of The Beatles or Wings.

Mexican Gangs Are Not Fans of 2 of These Guys at the Most

We’re not sure if they were jostling the music legend for a cut of Abbey Road royalties or if they’ve merely seen this website and wanted to send a message to the British Government that its time to invite a new music legend into the Knighthood by shaking up a member of the establishment. Either way, we don’t condone that kind of violence and we’re glad to see Sir Paul and his crew are OK, though we’re pretty sure this would’ve never happened to Phil Collins given his wealth of knowledge of past conflicts between Mexico and the United States.

We’re sure most Mexican gang members appreciate songs like “Illegal Alien” and “Sussudio” (which is the Spanish word for ‘really awesome song’),  The fact that Phil Collins can relate to such a diverse crowd with his music certainly makes a great case for letting him fill the esteemed position of Knight of the British Empire (KBE), For a noble should be a statesmen and love of Phil Collins music worldwide would no doubt qualify Mr. Collins as a master of diplomacy.  So maybe after he gets knighted, perhaps Sir Phil Collins should be made the official UK ambassador to Mexico. Lord knows, McCartney does not fit in there.

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