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The Staying Power of Phil Collins

September 30, 2010 1 comment

When we last bombarded the blogosphere with our message of Phil Collins’ greatness, we were in the throes of a torrid summer where Phil’s influence was making vast improvements on Katy Perry’s buxom ubiquity.With summer having quietly faded from memory and the shedding of leaves an imminent certainty, there was little doubt in our hearts, minds and musical sensibilities that the Genesis frontman, distinguished drummer, and accomplished solo artist would find a way to put a stamp on our Autumn just as he had our time on the beach.

We didn’t have to wait long after the Autumnal Equinox for Phil to start resonating in season.  This past Tuesday his latest release, Going Back, climbed atop the UK albums chart– besting the Manics latest effort, Postcards from a Young Man.

While Phil’s album of Motown covers didn’t debut in the #1 spot last week, we here at “One More Knight” think the fact that the UK public were kind enough to buoy the admirable tribute to the sounds of the Rock Hall of Famer’s youth into a top seller is not only a testament to the quality of the album, but also evidence that despite a lengthy absence from the UK during times of Labor Party rule, there remains a soft spot amongst the Queen‘s subjects for the appreciation of a classic Rock ‘n’ Roll era that Phil Collins both celebrates and embodies.

The fact that Mr. Collins was able to secure his first #1 album since 1998’s Hits took a liking to the top spot is a testament to his staying power. While this staying power is easily explainable when you put on any of his album in Genesis or solo form, it remains a mystery that this staying power has yet to be recognized by the UK’s governmental powers that be. For someone who has been caressing our auditory cavities for upwards around 40 years with nothing but quality, having  yet to be tapped on the shoulder with the queen’s sword is not only an affront to music fans everywhere, but to the Order of the British Empire.

And so we make our repeated overture to both the Prime Minister’s office and to the esteemed royals of the United Kingdom, that on this day– the 40th anniversary of the day that Phil Collins joined Genesis –you reconsider your failure to honor Phil Collins with the titular “Sir” by “Going Back” through his catalogue and re-acquainting yourselves with his true genius. The error of your ways shall be realised and righted at that moment, provided your logical conclusion upon doing so is to bestow the correct honor upon his person.


The Genesis of a Perfect Summer Song

August 17, 2010 1 comment

For the majority of this summer, radio stations all over the globe have been virtually unlistenable thanks to the musical travesty that is Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” being on a constant loop.

The beat isn’t so bad, but while many publications have dubbed the annoyingly catchy tune “the song of the summer,” we here at “One More Knight” liken it to lyrical porridge. The song’s brand of overt sexuality went out of style the second a fellow named Ol’ Dirty Bastard mastered that sort of thing when he said: “I don’t have no trouble with you  f*#king me, but I have a little problem with you not f*#king me.”

We prefer our summer songs to be ditties we can relate to about the promise and pitfalls of a relationships with someone who has something  “you just can’t touch”; something so “mysterious” that you just can’t “help falling for.”

Luckily, our clarion call was answered via a mashup by some guy named Dan Chamberlain who stripped the meaninglessness out of “California Gurls,” instead opting for the deeply soulful words of one Phil Collins from the song “Invisible Touch.”  Unfortunately, most of the masterful instrumental work by the rest of Genesis is gone.

Oh well, we’ll take what we can get and though we’d take the original version of  “Invisible Touch” over either; we submit Phil Collins’ ability to turn a meaningless summer song into something so precious and meaningful as our 34th entry into the case for his knighthood.

Take a listen to the clip up above. The track is so hot it just may “melt your popsicle.”

Phil Remembers the Alamo

One of the things you’ll discover if you do some research on Phil Collins is that the man has a deep abiding respect for history.  We here at “One More Knight” can relate. We ourselves have read countless books on the storied Presidential term of William Henry Harrison, and even more volumes on the historic musical career of the band, Genesis.

That being said, we don’t think we’re into anything quite as much as Phil Collins is into the Alamo. Sure we’re into Phil enough to try and get him Knighted, but the esteemed Genesis member and solo artist may have what amounts to the largest collection of Alamo memorabilia in the world with documents, cannonballs and other artifacts numbering in the hundreds. On top of working a mention into his video for “Don’t Lose My Number,” he’s even lent his voice to the introduction of a 13-minute “Alamo diorama light and sound show” at the Alamo’s gift shop. Word has it, Ozzy Osbourne took a tinkle on the famed San Antonio site just to piss Phil off.

We can see why Mr. Collins is so into the Alamo.  After all the 1836 battle is chock full of wonderful drama and valiant heroes.  Perhaps those things also have something to do with why we’re so into the idea of getting Phil Collins Knighted.  Not only does his music inspire us to wonderfully dramatic new heights, but his vocal range is utterly valiant.

In a way, our struggle is a lot like the Battle of the Alamo. We’re facing an uphill battle against all odds against a cruel Santa Anna-like British government who is stubbornly defiant in giving Phil Collins the noble recognition he so deserves. Though we appear to have our spirits crushed on a daily basis, we figure that taking this stand is an important step in getting the people of the world to join our metaphorical Texian Army to ultimately achieve our goal of adding the titular “Sir” to the front of the name of our favorite singer/drummer/historical artifact collector. We sense the tide is turning in our favor.

We ask you world, will you fight with us?

Get Phil Colllins Knighted E-mail Campaign

Dear Faithful Readers of One More Knight,

Now entering our fourth full week of existence, we’ve yet to garner the sort of response and reaction to this web campaign that would allow it to qualify as “viral.” To be honest, we thought the mere mention of getting Phil Collins Knighted in a simple Facebook group would ignite the Internet like a cigarette haphazardly tossed into some dry brush in the American West.

The reality of this whole “going viral” thing is that while some content on the Internet heats up in such a manner, most of the  content produced for the world wide web is more akin to a loud, incoherent message shouted into a space-like vacuum. Needless to say, we were a bit naive about the effects of metaphorically screaming our lungs out into that atmosphere-less abyss and our advances have mostly fallen on deaf ears like those of someone who has spent a good amount of time sitting a little too close to the kit during one of  Phil Collins’ killer drum duets with Chester Thompson.

Rather than hang our heads in shame and call ourselves a failure; we’ve founds ourselves coming down with a case of indefatigable moxie and boy do we hope it’s contagious. In order to better channel our vigorous resolve to accomplish, we’ve decided that today would be a good idea to launch the official One More Knight “Get Phil Collins Knighted” E-Mail campaign.

We’re encouraging all of our readers to spread the word by sending email blasts to your favorite blogs, respected newspapers, ,music periodicals and Monarchs (who can also be reached on twitter).  Let them know that you’d like to see Phil Collins Knighted, because only when you let your voice be heard do you really have the right to complain that the singer of “In The Air Tonight” has not yet become a Knight.

We’re going to get the ball rolling by reaching out to the Queen herself with our original post. So go forth and tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends that together we will get Phil Collins Knighted!

Thank you for your support.


The Blokes Behind “One More Knight.”

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Cinco de Mayo Phil Collins-Style

We here at “One More Knight” would like to wish our Mexican readers a Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Now we could take this opportunity to regale you with some nonsensical story about how, if Phil Collins were at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, he would have nobly fought on the side of Mexico to defeat French forces and that that alone should qualify him for Knighthood.  However, we know that’s all a load of bullcrap.  Honestly, we really just wanted to use the special occasion that is this holiday as an excuse to post this picture of Phil below:

In any case, if you’re celebrating this Cinco de Mayo today have a great time.  And if you come across any vexing quandaries as to how you should proceed with the day’s merriment, just ask yourself W.W.P.C.D?

(Update: We realized it would’ve been a missed opportunity to declare solidarity with all of our fellow Phil Collins fans of Latino descent in Arizona.  Here’s to you, whether you’re of legal or illegal status. Cause it’s no fun being an illegal alien.)

To Knight, To Knight, To Knight

It’s Friday here at “One More Knight” and all around the world for that matter. While we’d love to continue today with an impassioned plea about getting Phil Collins Knighted, we decided to give it a rest and let the music do the job.  After all, to knight, to knight, to knight is the only thing that’s going to make it right.