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The Staying Power of Phil Collins

September 30, 2010 1 comment

When we last bombarded the blogosphere with our message of Phil Collins’ greatness, we were in the throes of a torrid summer where Phil’s influence was making vast improvements on Katy Perry’s buxom ubiquity.With summer having quietly faded from memory and the shedding of leaves an imminent certainty, there was little doubt in our hearts, minds and musical sensibilities that the Genesis frontman, distinguished drummer, and accomplished solo artist would find a way to put a stamp on our Autumn just as he had our time on the beach.

We didn’t have to wait long after the Autumnal Equinox for Phil to start resonating in season.  This past Tuesday his latest release, Going Back, climbed atop the UK albums chart– besting the Manics latest effort, Postcards from a Young Man.

While Phil’s album of Motown covers didn’t debut in the #1 spot last week, we here at “One More Knight” think the fact that the UK public were kind enough to buoy the admirable tribute to the sounds of the Rock Hall of Famer’s youth into a top seller is not only a testament to the quality of the album, but also evidence that despite a lengthy absence from the UK during times of Labor Party rule, there remains a soft spot amongst the Queen‘s subjects for the appreciation of a classic Rock ‘n’ Roll era that Phil Collins both celebrates and embodies.

The fact that Mr. Collins was able to secure his first #1 album since 1998’s Hits took a liking to the top spot is a testament to his staying power. While this staying power is easily explainable when you put on any of his album in Genesis or solo form, it remains a mystery that this staying power has yet to be recognized by the UK’s governmental powers that be. For someone who has been caressing our auditory cavities for upwards around 40 years with nothing but quality, having  yet to be tapped on the shoulder with the queen’s sword is not only an affront to music fans everywhere, but to the Order of the British Empire.

And so we make our repeated overture to both the Prime Minister’s office and to the esteemed royals of the United Kingdom, that on this day– the 40th anniversary of the day that Phil Collins joined Genesis –you reconsider your failure to honor Phil Collins with the titular “Sir” by “Going Back” through his catalogue and re-acquainting yourselves with his true genius. The error of your ways shall be realised and righted at that moment, provided your logical conclusion upon doing so is to bestow the correct honor upon his person.


Phil Release

We here at “One More Knight” are big fans of being on the receiving end of any form of aural pleasure, but if that sonic satisfaction just so happens to be doled out by one Phil Collins, then all the better. If you’ve read this site in the past and you’ve  got memory enough to go back two days, you may remember that we were boasting of a delightful and FREE PHIL COLLINS tune from his latest album Going Back (due Sept. 10th), made available by simply signing up for email updates on his site.

While we’re completely satisfied with having one catchy Collins cover classic bouncing around in our head, you’ll hardly ever find us disagreeing with the statement that two is better than one (unless you’re in that cliched sitcom situation where you’ve scheduled two dates on the same night).   That’s why we were delighted to find that in addition to the song offered with email updates, Phil was offering a free listen to his first single off of his new album.  All we had to do was click on the button in the upper right hand corner of his site that looked this:

Needless to say, we did as commanded and had quite an enjoyable time going back to the times with Phil to those days when he was “young enough to know the truth.” However we disagree with the song’s notion that there are “no more trees to climb” since we look at our quest to get Phil Collins Knighted as an obstacle that may as well be a tree for our intents and purposes…and only when we manage to achieve our goal by proving the nobility of Sir Phil Collins will we have climbed that metaphorical tree .

Phil has certainly given us plenty of great evidence to support our claims.  If giving away two songs off  his upcoming album isn’t an act of charity worthy of the most valiant Knight, then pray tell what is?

Free Phil Collins!

Odds are if you were drawn in by the title to this post, it was because you thought Phil Collins had been falsely accused and wrongly locked away for crimes he committed in the movie Buster and that he currently lay rotting in a London maximum security dock that the government conveniently lost the key to.  You also probably assumed that the only way Phil would ever be set free was through a public outpouring of support resulting in a retrial and a subsequent overturning of said wrongful conviction. In which case, you were right to come to this site and you’d have been even more right to join our Facebook group.

Another option as to where you mind may have wandered, was that you believed the meaning of the title “Free Phil Collins!” to have been a proclamation that we at “One More Knight” were giving away a free Phil Collins to each one of our readers.  This free Phil Collins would come to your house and serenade you with lovely songs and teach you delightful tidbits about the Alamo, and maybe even give you drum lessons; filling both a much needed entertainment and educational niche in your day to day existence.  While that sounds great, it’s important to note that there is one Phil Collins and he can only be in one place at a time unless there are two Live Aid concerts going on.

In actuality, the title of this post refers to a giveaway at Phil Collins official site.  We signed up for email updates to stay up to speed on Phil’s whereabouts and goings on.  If knowing all of the P.C. news before anyone else wasn’t enough, we got a FREE PHIL COLLINS SONG off his upcoming album Going Back for all of the effort it took to type in our email address. Needless to say, we’ve been bopping our head up and down to Phil’s Cover of The Marvelettes classic “Too Many Fish in The Sea” all day and we fully recommend you sign up so that you can do the same.

Going Back in Stores September 10th

However, if you’re generally disappointed that you won’t be able to summon all of your love and support towards getting Phil out of actual prison, we kindly consider that you still help us in directing all (or at least some) of your energy towards helping Phil escape the metaphorical holding cell that is non-Knighthood.  Again, join our Facebook page and help us complete the transformation from a mild-mannered frontman/pop icon/drummer/actor into Sir Phil Collins.

The Stage Is Set

Don’t be fooled by the title of our blog post, one day of our official e-mail campaign to get Phil Collins Knighted hasn’t yet begun to yield positive results.  That’s okay, we’re in for the long haul and we’re of the mind that slow and steady wins the race.

You may however recall that last week we mentioned the massive UK confusion over the General election. There were those who used Phil Collins as a deterrent to voting Tory assuming that the masses of Britons would recoil at the mention of the talented singer/songwriter/writer; advertising that a vote for the conservatives was a vote for a return of the Sussudio singer after a self-imposed 13 year exile in Switzerland brought on by Labour Party rule.

Phil Contemplates His UK Return

Well, after 13 years of John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and a charmed Swiss existence for Phil; the Labour party has fallen out of power after last week’s general election resulted in a hung parliament. Though the Tories garnered the most seats of any other party, they didn’t win enough seats to gain a majority and the power to pick a leader. This left Phil Collins status as a returning resident of the UK in limbo even though we may have assumed his return was imminent.  While Phil hasn’t made a declaration as to his citizenship status, today was an historic day as Tory Leader David Cameron was officially invited by the Queen to form a new government.

David Cameron: A Pawn in the Queen's Attempt Make Phil a Knight?

With the Queen’s invitation to the leader of the Conservative party to take power over the affairs of the United Kingdom, we can only assume that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II purposely put such an offer into play in order to ensure that the stage  was set for the return of Mr. Collins so that she may select him to receive the great honour due him; the honour of Knighthood.  So in order to entreat Mr. Collins to return to his rightful place in this world to receive that which he so truly deserves, we remind him of some great words he once uttered…”Take…Take me home.”


When you’re a world class songwriter with a catalog of  lyrics as memorable as most people’s first kiss, it’s a safe bet that recognition is not a difficult thing to come by. Though the British Royal Family continues to snub Phil Collins on his ever-so-deserved Knightly commendation there are any number of organizations willing to bestow meaningful honour upon Britain’s answer to a Bob Dylan/Stewart Copeland hybrid.

The latest of those lining up to fete Phil is the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Sure, Mr. Collins has been a member of this Hall of Fame since his induction in 2003, but the board of this important institution apparently sees this as no reason to not continue showering our noble hero with much-deserved praise.

On June 17th at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, Phil Collins will be the awarded the Songwriter Hall of Fame’s highest accolade , The Johnny Mercer Award, and with good reason. In the words of Hall of Fame CEO/Chairman Hall David, ” he is among the most respected musical creators of our generation…”

That being said, we find it hard to believe that someone who is considered one of the most respected creators in his own field can fail to garner such esteemed recognition from his own homeland.  Sure he’s got a place in both the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and come June 17th will be paraded around on the shoulders of Songwriters everywhere, but in his very own England carries the mid-range title of LVO and can’t even muster enough respect from to be referred “Sir.”  We think you should take a cue from the actions of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and give Phil the highest accolade possible, Knighthood.

Well, British Royal Family,  the ball is in your court.   Are you going to let the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame one up a mighty nation in recognizing one of its proud sons? We should hope not, because failure to honor such a chivalrous individual would be a Kingdom-wide travesty.  To help avoid such a tragic event, we’ll be hounding you every step of the way til you finally come to your senses.

To paraphrase the chorus of one of our favorite Phil Collins songs (“Something Happened on the Way to Heaven“); “You can run and you can  hide, but we’re not stopping until you Knight Phil. We’re having problems and can’t be on your side, until you finally Knight Phil Collins.”

We hope you sung along by clicking on the link to that video.  If not, well you really missed a shot to sync up altered lyrics to an actual song. Regardless, we hope our message was loud and clear as the sentiment in that song.

UK Land of Confusion

There’s been a lot of chatter going on in recent days about today’s UK vote over which party will win control the British government and things have gotten a bit nasty on all fronts. Labour party members have resorted to calling their own Gordon Brown, “the worst Prime Minister ever” in the midst of their offensive to seize control of the majority.  While we here at “One More Knight” don’t favor any one of the nation’s specific political parties, including the honest working class represented by Britain’s Labour party, we have been left a bit confused with a Facebook,Twitter and blog campaign that has attempted to sully the good name of this site’s main focus.

As we scoured the “Twittersphere” and Google blogsearched to our heart’s content, we were continually met with the warning that a vote for the Tories was a vote for the return of Phil Collins to Britain. Now, we don’t know why all of this negative energy would be directed towards a music megastar that not only has a wealth of stunning material both solo and with Genesis, but is also a charitable individual giving heaps of money and time to organizations like the Great Ormond Street Hospital , the World Smile Foundation and the Prince’s Trust.

The way we see it, you may not like this kind man’s music, but we think Britain would be better off if Phil Collins came to town and showed you all the meaning of heartfelt generosity. As far as we’re concerned the man deserves to be Knighted, let alone respected. For all you know, your campaign may have actually sprung the masses of Phil Collins fans into action allowing the Tories to win in a landslide. Lucky for you and the rest of Britain, Mr. Collins still keeps a home in England and whether or not you elect the Tories, the Labour party, or Phil Collins himself; he’s coming home.