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The Three-Step Process Leading to Knighthood

We here at “One More Knight” have come to the realization that achieving our goal of Getting Phil Collins is a three-step process. In order to complete a three-step process one must first identify all three steps.  Our original outline for success looked something like this on account that we stole it from a group of underpants gnomes:

Step 1: Collect Underpants

Step 2:

Step 3: Profit!

Wait, is that right? Perhaps, there is something fishy in our blogonomic theory.  It’s time to retrace and re-imagine our steps in our quest to get Phil Collins Knighted.

Step 1: State purpose.

Our purpose is to get Phil Collins Knighted.  Good, done.

Step 2: Create a groundswell of support on various channels including Facebook, Twitter, and other media channels.

Okay, here’s where we seem to have hit a snag. Our Facebook group seems stuck on 127 members and we’ve only got a measly 105 Twitter followers, all of whom we love very dearly and would do anything for.

Our floundering arsenal of web weapons is in need of a magic bullet to shoot through the web stratosphere and pierce the armor of even the most hard-hearted social networker.  That magic bullet we’ve decided is our very own “like” button.  Granted, we’re not technologically savvy to add one onto this page, the least we could do is to link you to our Facebook fan website.  We are imploring all of our friends and frenemies to click here and like “Getting Phil Collins Knighted”.  Thus the groundswell shall begin.  It is our belief that once your social network sees the update on your page that “Your name here” has liked “Getting Phil Collins Knighted”, their natural thought process will lead them to “like” it as well, because who doesn’t want to see Phil Collins get knighted? Horrible people, that’s who. Now,  go forth and do your best so we can reach…

Step 3: Phil Collins Gets Knighted.


UK Land of Confusion

There’s been a lot of chatter going on in recent days about today’s UK vote over which party will win control the British government and things have gotten a bit nasty on all fronts. Labour party members have resorted to calling their own Gordon Brown, “the worst Prime Minister ever” in the midst of their offensive to seize control of the majority.  While we here at “One More Knight” don’t favor any one of the nation’s specific political parties, including the honest working class represented by Britain’s Labour party, we have been left a bit confused with a Facebook,Twitter and blog campaign that has attempted to sully the good name of this site’s main focus.

As we scoured the “Twittersphere” and Google blogsearched to our heart’s content, we were continually met with the warning that a vote for the Tories was a vote for the return of Phil Collins to Britain. Now, we don’t know why all of this negative energy would be directed towards a music megastar that not only has a wealth of stunning material both solo and with Genesis, but is also a charitable individual giving heaps of money and time to organizations like the Great Ormond Street Hospital , the World Smile Foundation and the Prince’s Trust.

The way we see it, you may not like this kind man’s music, but we think Britain would be better off if Phil Collins came to town and showed you all the meaning of heartfelt generosity. As far as we’re concerned the man deserves to be Knighted, let alone respected. For all you know, your campaign may have actually sprung the masses of Phil Collins fans into action allowing the Tories to win in a landslide. Lucky for you and the rest of Britain, Mr. Collins still keeps a home in England and whether or not you elect the Tories, the Labour party, or Phil Collins himself; he’s coming home.

Shatner Steals Our Thunder

Dear Fans of Phil Collins,

Yesterday the principles of “One More Knight” were collectively perusing the trending Internet topics on one site or another when we noticed that the esteemed cultural icon William Shatner was seemingly on the tip of digital tongues everywhere.  Out of curiosity, we clicked on his linked moniker which led us to several news articles touting a Facebook group with the stated goal of getting Captain Kirk nominated for the position of Governor General of Canada.  Publications such as the LA Times, eonline, Wired, and the Vancouver Sun all picked up on this story and while we feel as though those who started this movement are kindred spirits, we can’t help but be a tad bit jealous of their success.

Since March 22nd they’ve amassed 41,000 followers to our measly 94 and  have even garnered a reaction from the man they seek to install into the government of their homeland.  Needless to say, quite the impressive feat. We would expect no less of a group that has chosen such a worthy subject to fill such an important position.  Canadian Governorship is not exactly Knighthood, but it’ll do.

Rather than sit here and stew in a pot of jealousy, this discovery has filled us with a new amount of resolve. We too shall amass a stunning amount of followers and not only will people be talking about our quest to “Get Phil Collins Knighted,” but the people who do talk about us will be important people, like Phil Collins, the Queen of England, and William Shatner. We may harbor a strong desire to make things happen, but needless to say, we cannot do it without your help. Tell your friends across the world of our quest and our facebook fan group and one day you’ll be referring to singer of such great songs as “Another Day in Paradise” and “Mama” as “Sir Phil Collins.”

Thanks for your time and consideration.  Let’s make this happen.


The good-hearted, good-humoured blokes at “One More Knight”

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