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The Genesis of a Perfect Summer Song

August 17, 2010 1 comment

For the majority of this summer, radio stations all over the globe have been virtually unlistenable thanks to the musical travesty that is Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” being on a constant loop.

The beat isn’t so bad, but while many publications have dubbed the annoyingly catchy tune “the song of the summer,” we here at “One More Knight” liken it to lyrical porridge. The song’s brand of overt sexuality went out of style the second a fellow named Ol’ Dirty Bastard mastered that sort of thing when he said: “I don’t have no trouble with you  f*#king me, but I have a little problem with you not f*#king me.”

We prefer our summer songs to be ditties we can relate to about the promise and pitfalls of a relationships with someone who has something  “you just can’t touch”; something so “mysterious” that you just can’t “help falling for.”

Luckily, our clarion call was answered via a mashup by some guy named Dan Chamberlain who stripped the meaninglessness out of “California Gurls,” instead opting for the deeply soulful words of one Phil Collins from the song “Invisible Touch.”  Unfortunately, most of the masterful instrumental work by the rest of Genesis is gone.

Oh well, we’ll take what we can get and though we’d take the original version of  “Invisible Touch” over either; we submit Phil Collins’ ability to turn a meaningless summer song into something so precious and meaningful as our 34th entry into the case for his knighthood.

Take a listen to the clip up above. The track is so hot it just may “melt your popsicle.”


Phil Collins Pop Quiz Hotshot

May 25, 2010 5 comments

We came across this gem of a game show from 1981 in which our man Phil Collins tests his musical knowledge against the likes of Sir David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Sir Midge Ure (Thin Lizzy, Ultravox), and Ian Gillan with the help of relative unknowns (at least by today’s standards) Barry Mason and Elkie Brooks.  In the first clip Phil stumbles with identifying the names of specific dances, but he justified that by titling an entire Genesis album, “We Can’t Dance.”

The second clip provides us with an impressive peek at Phil’s encyclopedic knowledge of  The Yardbirds top ten hits.  Since we’ve always been of the mind that knowledge is power, perhaps that level of scholarship in regards to a stalwart of British musical influence shouldn’t go without powerful reward. We could justify asking for Phil’s Knighthood solely on the outcome of the game show, but since we couldn’t find footage of the final outcome we couldn’t say whether Phil and his co-horts actually bested the team with 2 Sirs…but I think we can happily assume that Phil pulled out all of the stops to ensure a victory and having thus bested two knights on the field of intellectual battle is every bit as deserving of such an honour.

We only hope the office of the Prime Minister has seen said clip.  And if they haven’t we expect our massive throng of readers to make them aware of it by tweeting this post to them.

We thank you for your time faithful friends for helping us in the good fight to GET PHIL COLLINS KNIGHTED.

Cinco de Mayo Phil Collins-Style

We here at “One More Knight” would like to wish our Mexican readers a Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Now we could take this opportunity to regale you with some nonsensical story about how, if Phil Collins were at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, he would have nobly fought on the side of Mexico to defeat French forces and that that alone should qualify him for Knighthood.  However, we know that’s all a load of bullcrap.  Honestly, we really just wanted to use the special occasion that is this holiday as an excuse to post this picture of Phil below:

In any case, if you’re celebrating this Cinco de Mayo today have a great time.  And if you come across any vexing quandaries as to how you should proceed with the day’s merriment, just ask yourself W.W.P.C.D?

(Update: We realized it would’ve been a missed opportunity to declare solidarity with all of our fellow Phil Collins fans of Latino descent in Arizona.  Here’s to you, whether you’re of legal or illegal status. Cause it’s no fun being an illegal alien.)

To Knight, To Knight, To Knight

It’s Friday here at “One More Knight” and all around the world for that matter. While we’d love to continue today with an impassioned plea about getting Phil Collins Knighted, we decided to give it a rest and let the music do the job.  After all, to knight, to knight, to knight is the only thing that’s going to make it right.

Not To Be Confused With…

Dear British Royal Family,

We here at “One More Knight” have been trying in earnest to get Phil Collins knighted for just over a week now and while we know these things time, we wanted to make sure you had received our message of Knightly support loud and clear.  Though we are all fluent in the King’s English, at times like a game of telephone, even the most clarion of calls can get lost in translation.

As impassioned bloggers we like to think our knack for wordplay a linguistic delight that helps add to the charm of our cause, but in the midst of all of this wordiness the most important facts may get lost.  Whether or not the appointed Royal webmaster is able to translate all of the demands of a clamoring public accurately to her majesty is our utmost concern.  While said person most certainly has repeatedly read of our desire to see Phil Collins acquire greater honor than say a Billy Connolly or Ray Davies, we have the slight fear that when imparted to the Queen, a certain confusion takes root when in a faulty exchange, she hears that a bunch of Internet buffoons would like her to honor “Phil Collen.”

Phil Collen: Possibly Preparing to Slay A Dragon

Though we admit, the Def Leppard guitarist has worked on some stellar recordings, he simply doesn’t carry the cultural gravitas or have the innate musical ability of a Phil Collins.  They may have similar names and may both be performers, but that’s where the similarities end.  Phil Collins is deserving of Knighthood, whereas Phil Collen would probably have to slay a dragon to do so. So if anyone from the Royal Family is reading this, we should hope this clears up any misunderstanding (which also is the name of a killer Genesis tune).

The Genesis of Legend

While honors such as Knighthood and being elected as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom continue to  evade the dear object of this site’s affection, it would be quite the falsehood to state that our  our silken-throated protagonist has gone without recognition for his talents throughout the span of his lengthy career.

Along with his Genesis bandmates (Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Chester Thompson, and Daryl Stuermer) Phil received the music industry’s equivalent of Knightly appreciation otherwise known as induction into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame at a star-studded affair this past March 15th.

Traditionally, artists as influential as Genesis are ushered into rock legend status with rousing speeches from fellow former inductees or sure-fire future inhabitants of  this bastion of musical greatness.  So we were somewhat annoyed when  the lead singer of Tokey McJoints and the Splifftones (i.e. Phish) was announced as the person who would be spearheading this all- important moment in musical history.  We’d much rather have seen Phil Collins induct the band himself or maybe a big time Hollywood star like Tom Hanks or even the Queen of England should’ve done the honors.

Sure we’ll admit Tokey gave a nice speech, but it didn’t carry with it the weight of someone whose entire catalog doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of making LSD trips slightly trippier.  We know some of Genesis’s most stellar material can often be transcendental in that sense, but when it came down to the tribute performance, we would’ve rather just seen a live clip of “Second Home By The Sea” from their 2007 Turn It On Again tour over the Splifftones’ rendition of “No Reply At All.”  While we may not have loved this exultation of influence, we’re glad to see someone did, as evidenced by the sound of bong hits being ripped in the background of the following clip.

Oh well, we guess we can’t complain. The important thing is that Phil and his buddies have taken their rightful place in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame amongst plenty of all-time greats and The Eagles.